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Seven tips to accelerate your b2b sales career and be in the top 2% of your industry

1. Choose organizations that Align with your Values.

There are a lot of great companies. Some are global, and some are start-ups. Some are innovation-driven, and others are focused on culture. Find one that fits you. You will only produce great work if you are happy and you align with the same DNA.

2. Win Strategic or High-Profile Accounts.

It is more than reaching your target or quota to be in the top 2% of your industry. Aim at opportunities that will allow you to win new territory, clients or a beachhead account. Challenging work allows you to be visible to your management and accelerate your potential and growth.

3. Build your Skills and be an Expert that delivers positive outcomes.

Build your skills. Read books and take courses. Get coaching and mentoring. Take every opportunity to learn and apply knowledge to your work. Sharpen up and look at the possibility of producing original work.

4. Manage your Manager.

Your manager will influence your career. They will be a big part of your success. If you make your manager's life easy, you will make your work easy.

5. Know the criteria for Sucess.

You can only win if you know the rules. Being clear on your deliverables is your job. You need to know your manager's criteria for success and expectations—not just to assume but to discuss with them and proactively set the cadence of progress.

6. Be great at Selling internally. Be friends with everyone.

I mean it. To be successful you need to sell internally. You need a brilliant team of engineers, marketers, commercial managers and product managers to support you in every multimillion-dollar deal. Learn how to get team support and buy-in by bringing them to a bigger vision.

7. Be a Lifelong Learner.

Never stop learning. Learn your product, the industry trends and the market. Understand mental models and the ability to know when you don't know and seek the team's expertise.


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