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If you're like most CEOs and COOs, you're constantly juggling a million things at once. You need to be able to wear many hats and have a wide range of skills - from strategy to operations to sales. But as your business grows, it can become more challenging to do everything yourself.  

That's where  I can help.

As a Fractional CRO working with you, I can help accelerate your growth, scale your sales team, and optimise your sales process. 

I'll work with you part-time, with flexible arrangements or by project, and you will have access to my 25 years of experience when you need it.  

I can help you expand your operations and immediately provide you with the expertise and skills. I can support you in the day-to-day sales operations while working with you on strategic growth plans.

With the expertise and experience necessary to manage all aspects of your day-to-day operations, I can help you achieve tremendous success by optimising your sales processes, improving customer retention rates, and driving more revenue. 

Whether you're a start-up just starting out or an established company looking for new growth opportunities, I can be an invaluable resource for helping you achieve your business goals.

Benefits of having me as your Fractional CRO:

Access to my 25 years of business development, sales strategy, channel sales and development without the cost of hiring for a full-time role. You can control your cost and optimise for results. Use what you need, don't pay for hours you don't need.

I can help you in strategy and shape your future goals, craft your sales vision and GTM roadmap while hitting the ground running, and immediately taking action with your sales teams. Coaching your team to improve sales results, increased customer retention rates, and more revenue for your business. 

A fresh set of eyes on existing problems and the creation of new perspectives.

So if you are ready to take your business to the next level, consider hiring a fractional CRO today and start reaping the benefits of this valuable professional resource.

Here is how I can help:

GTM Sales Strategy
Sales Management & Coaching

GTM Sales Strategy

I can help develop the right B2B sales strategy for your business.


Thinking strategically involves a step-by-step process that begins with asking questions about the current market opportunity, developing a value proposition, refining messaging and brand strategy, and creating pricing models that make sense. 


Defining and refining your revenue strategy should go hand in hand with determining the most effective channels to take to market while aligning sales efforts, marketing needs, and customer success objectives into one B2B framework. 


A successful B2B sales strategy must involve careful consideration of how all these pieces fit together in order to make better decisions when it comes to selecting customers, building programs, managing resources, focusing on key activities and measuring results.

Sales Management & Coaching

B2B sales teams that are high performing need a well-structured team to reach their goals. 


This can often come in the form of designing and advising a Sales and Marketing team structure with an emphasis on regular 1:1 cadence, sales coaching and development, deal coaching, creating sales compensation plans and offering sales training for onboarding new employees. 


These tools will help B2B companies drive the right behaviour, achieve desired results, and have well-connected teams across both departments.

Effective B2B Sales Process

B2B sales can often be a complicated, drawn-out process – but with the right process in place, sales teams are able to make sure that customers have a smooth, enjoyable experience dealing with their business.  I will support you and your team in creating an effective b2b sales process.


An effective B2B sales process should begin by mapping out the buyer journey and designing efficient sales and marketing processes. It should also involve lead and opportunity stages that are carefully defined, as well as an effective sales onboarding programme. To build an even better B2B sales system, companies should create a Sales Playbook, complete with templates and specific sales tools. 


Metrics must also be put in place so that all roles within this system can be measured appropriately; weekly forecasts should also be validated for accuracy. When all these elements come together into one cohesive B2B sales process, companies will see better results.

Sales Assessment & Profiling

Stop guessing and start measuring the skills that matter to your sales team. Sales Competence Assessments provide a sales competency framework to help maximise the performance of your salespeople.


With the right information, we can immediately address the gaps and jumpstart your sales team’s performance.


  • Identifies strengths and weaknesses in 18 critically important sales competencies.

  • Designed to strengthen and streamline learning, it can be used for recruitment and development purposes.

  • Measures skills and competencies in 18 areas critical to job performance, as well as mindsets toward sales and a tendency to make excuses on the job. 

  • Reports highlight areas in which an individual may need development, with practical coaching tips and development plans provided to jumpstart sales

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